let your heart speak, bring your dearest memory to 'c'est maman'


The massive participation of the students in the ris-tual resulted in magic moments and an impressive final image. Every cloth with a print of the students’ laugh will be integrated in ‘c’est maman’ as a new ‘skin’. With the ‘DNA’ of the students ‘c’est maman’ continues her journey on the way to Maastricht European Capital […]


The response of the students to the invitation of ‘et je ris’ was heartwarming. Lots of students accepted the invitation with conviction and gave their laugh tot ‘c’est maman’. Many of them defied the queue to have the ‘et je ris’ tag painted on their face. De respons van de studenten op de uitnodiging van […]


The transmission of the laugh on the cloth is an important moment. Bringing up a dear memory for ‘home’, a connection with the sculpture ‘c’est maman’ and the outreach to the new hometown student city Maastricht come together in one single moment. De overdracht van de lach op het doek is een belangrijk moment. Het […]

The story behind

William Otermans, artist and spiritual father of ‘et je ris’, explains the background of the sculpture and the ris-tual. A consciously made contribution of the students, by transmitting a dear memory from ‘home’, via their hart, their laugh, a cloth to ‘c’est maman’, makes them the ‘parent’ of ’the new’ that grows out of ‘c’est […]

‘c’est maman’ is growing

‘c’est maman’ is a “growth sculpture”. A part of the spherical form is being built before Culture Valley at 23rd August, 2012. The contributions of the students, their materialized laugh from the heart in a cloth, form together the ‘skin’ of the sculpture and with that, the DNA for “what is to come”. ‘c’est maman’ […]

‘c’est maman’ arises

augustus 16th, 2012 slide

The first contours of the participation sculpture are visible. The studio can’t handle the hight of 3,60 m. This gives an image as a signpost for the future against a clear blue sky, ‘c’est maman’.

De eerste contouren van de participatie-sculptuur worden zichtbaar. De hoogte van 3,60 m kan het atelier ‘even’ niet aan. Dit levert een beeld op als een richtingwijzing voor de toekomst tegen een heldere blauwe hemel, ‘c’est maman’.



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